Contract Job Work In India

White labeling of items has become increasingly popular simply because of the cost advantages. Having a local manufacturer by your side lets you have goods manufactured under your brand name and avoid spending resources on complex manufacturing operations. This is where KredTrade can be of great help. We can help you find the right manufacturer in India who can take care of the entire manufacturing process and provide an excellent manufacturing partner. All you need to do is concentrate on creating the demand for your products while your trusted local job worker takes care of the entire production process locally.

Identification Of Local Manufacturer

Procurement from the Indian manufacturers involves physical verification, quality assurance, price negotiations, and vendor management. Unfortunately, these challenges may be difficult to address in the absence of an expert procurement specialist in the local Indian market.
KredTrade facilitates you in: 
● Physical verification of factory premises and quality testing of products that you intend to import
● Sorting products from manufacturers offering best quotes in the industry
● Sharing product samples from shortlisted manufacturers

Identifying White Label Manufacturers

Accurate data is vital for smooth procurement processing. Though it’s not always easy to have an uninterrupted flow of information due to barriers such as lack of cooperation, and security issues.
Our services will help you:
● Easily access to the information concerning the manufacturer
● Team up with key internal departments for a better understanding of the process
● Regular maintenance of sales operations

Legal Compliance Related To The Manufacturing

With a high number of manufacturers in India, finding and connecting with each of them becomes a challenging task.
At Kredtrade we help you:
● Find manufacturers based on your product requirement
● Fulfill your procurement requirements, whether it’s from single or multiple manufacturers
● Identifying the geographical location where quality products are manufactured

What Makes KredTrade An Ideal Partner In Contract Job In India