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Procurement from Indian Manufactures​

Procurement from Indian Manufactures is one of the biggest challenge for any overseas buyers, Especially if you do not have any roots in the Indian local market. If anything goes wrong while selecting an idea supplier, you can end up with the products that don’t meet quality standards.

Contract Job Work In India

White labeling of items has become increasingly popular simply because of the cost advantages. Having a local manufacturer by your side lets you have goods manufactured under your brand name and avoid spending resources on complex manufacturing operations. This is where KredTrade can be of great help. We can help you find the right manufacturer in India who can take care of the entire manufacturing process and provide an excellent manufacturing partner. All you need to do is concentrate on creating the demand for your products while your trusted local job worker takes care of the entire production process locally.

Business Setup In India

Setting up a new business in India might seem a bit taxing for companies located offshore. All the laws and regulations need to be dealt with before incorporating the new setup in India. Kredtrade aids you in getting all the compliances right from company incorporation to GST, FDI, and direct tax laws. We will use our experience in incorporation matters and liaison with all the regulatory authorities to ensure you have a branch office in India that operates without any hurdles.

Market Development In India

Establishing and developing a market in India has proved to be one of the most effective ways for overseas businesses to cater to a larger audience. However, given the country’s demographics and cultural diversity, marketing efforts must be well-targeted in order to elicit the intended response. KredTrade leverages its strong network and local connections to market your product in the right regions. We understand the local landscape and the political barriers that come in the way and leverage our business and political connections to overcome them.We will assist you in gaining –

Managing Purchases

Managing purchases necessitates a professional approach. KredTrade will assist you in effectively managing your purchases in India by conducting product-specific research for your requirements. We will also help you manage your inventory and ensure that you receive the shipments on time.