Virtual Agent in India

When trying to expand your business or brand, you try to control everything, but that can stop your growth. That is why having a virtual assistant is crucial to increasing your brand. A virtual assistant can handle many time-consuming tasks that can bog down a business owner or manager. 

This is why Kredtrade is proud to introduce “Agent In India,” a specialised service designed to streamline the complexities of import and export activities for foreign companies looking to do business with India. Our comprehensive service offers on-the-ground support and expert guidance, ensuring your international trade operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

Receive personalised service with a dedicated manager who understands your business needs and coordinates all activities in and around your business. KredTrade will make sure that: 

  • There is proper due diligence of the buyer / supplier in India

  • Ensure reliable partnerships through comprehensive assessments of potential buyers and suppliers’ financial and operational stability.

  • Access detailed market analysis, trends, and regulatory updates to make informed business decisions.

Accurate Data

Accurate data is vital for smooth procurement processing. Though it’s not always easy to have an uninterrupted flow of information due to barriers such as lack of cooperation, and security issues.
Our services will help you –
● Easily access to the information concerning the manufacturer
● Team up with key internal departments for a better understanding of the process
● Regular maintenance of sales operations

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Provide you Scalable Solutions

You will benefit from customizable services designed to grow with your business, whether you’re starting small or expanding.

KredTrade will help you with:

– Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships

– Introductions and negotiations for strategic alliances, enhancing your market presence.


– Expansion of your business. 

Local Office in India

Establish a local presence with access to office space and administrative support, minimising overhead costs.

  • Save on manufacturing cost.

  • Save on expansion cost. 

  • Choose the right people to work with who understands the local audience. 

What Makes KredTrade An Ideal Partner For All Your Virtual Agent needs in India?